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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> this election is all about the grassroots donors. no one wants the big donors anymore. it's just the opposite. david: i have never seen a politician turn down money -- well, occasionally. that does it for bulls and bears." >> i would think about twice about getting on the plane, truthfully. i'm not going to be dishonest. the initial data is similar to indonesia in terms of the unusual climb and the dive. out of an abundance of safety concerns and common sense, it makes sense to ground the aircraft until we have further information. liz: boeing under massive and escalating pressure in the last couple days. the u.k. and the e.u. are
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grounding the planes. the latest involving ethiopian airways. 346 people have been killed in these two crashes. potentially new hearings coming for boeing. growing calls from congress stieght faa, ground those airplanes. boeing has lost $26 billion in market value in the last two days. a shocking scandal. the federal government charging the wealthy and privileged in the worst college emissions scam prosecuted in the u.s. it's called affirmative action for the wealthy. two hollywood stars charged. global law firms, fashion designers. you are looking at a live shot from the courthouse in
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los angeles. felicity huffman's husband bill macy just entered moments ago. $25 million in bribes in order to get their kid into some of the most of elite colleges and universities in the u.s. the justice department is saying this is evidence of quote a widening corruption problem in he sleet college admissions. to venezuela, in its 6th day of the blackouts. 24 now out. the u.s. pulling out american diplomats. new images of desperate venezuelans trying to survive. they are forced to eat out of garbage cans and drink water from sewage drains and polluted rivers. there is widespread looting and
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anarchy. henny hoyer exhibiting frustration with three democratic freshmen. we'll debate the party's roadmap for taking back control of the white house. i'm elizabeth mcmacdonald. the evening edit starts right now. [♪] the stunning college admissions scam. we are monitoring the court action. it's happening right now. we'll take you live to los angeles as soon as the judge and the action breaks. when you saw this headline, what was your reaction? >> it's obviously quite shocking and one of my favorite clips from it is the yale soccer coach
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who recruited someone, took a $400,000 bribe and this particular young lady did not even play soccer. that's reported by the "wall street journal." there is a temptation to say this is terrible and worse than we have ever been. but it's the classic one of the seven deadly sins, human frailty. where there is an opening of advancing your child in some way and cheating, there is a universe of people who will do that. liz: people are saying what about my deserving son or daughter. we can't afford doing payoffs like that. all of a sudden children are treated as social media influencers. lori loughlin's daughter had a deal with amazon. she is putting up images of her civil on instagram.
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>> how desperate do you have to be to get your kid into college. with lori loughlin, you have to think what john stamos is thinking. he was on the show with her. right now the headline grabbing. but until you delve into it and learn what was promised. liz: they took the deductions on their tax returns. and there are audio recordings involved, too. >> these are the initial stages. i'm a defense lawyer. liz: i understand what you are saying. money to buy your way into opportunities. the prosecutor said it, there is possibly even more corruption in the college admissions scheme.
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>> wealthy people have been use their influence and money for decade to influence the ability of their children to get into schools. that is nothing new. but cheating, falsifying s.a.t. scores or athletic prowess, that's lying. liz: making like they are student athletes. >> you mentioned facebook and twitter and instagram and so forth. this is the age of like getting to that prestigious place is the most of important value. not the values we tend to think of traditionally. liz: you are saying the pennant is the end game, not the hard work you need to get there. >> you can make an argument, i'm conflicted about that. you can make the argument that this is a deterioration of the standard in our society.
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getting to that end game, whether you cheat or not doesn't matter. we can think of a lot of high profile politicians who have been involved in cheating scandals. when you see in latin america, you see corrupt government. then you see everything underneath becoming very corrupt because it trickles down. when our institutions start to behave in immoral ways, people do, too. liz: do you throw the book at them? >> here is the thing. i'm always saying let's wait for these things. often when you get into the weeds, all 50 of them may not be guilty. what the main allegations are, they paid to have people come in and proctor a test. then they paid coaches at different schools including stanford and usc to get these
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people in. if true, they should be punished. liz: it's the complexity of the scam and how they got away with it. and how they got involved -- either had a yale women's soccer coach, a sailing coach at stanford and a tennis coach at u.t. austin. >> the universities themselves don't appear to have been involved. there are individuals who took bribes and rigged the system, but the schools themselves did not do it. liz: mollie line has breaking news about this. reporter: the fbi announcing the culmination of varsity blues. the bust-up of this international scheme to get kids into college.
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their parents are paying a considerable amount of money to get their kids into college. they faked athletic prowess. dozens of rich and privileged parents were charged, coaches and administrators. this is a case where prosecutors say they spared no expense to cheat the system. singer pled guilty to racketeering conspiracy, money laundering. prosecutors say springer helped them gain access by fake their athletic ability or bribing test administrators and one talented test taker.
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make it a little bit better than perhaps a failed test of the past. the scheme aimed to help students gain admission. investigators say the institutions did not know about this scam. a few like yale and stanford have already taken action against some of the indicted coaches. prosecutors argue the victims were the hard-working students who don't have the opportunity to cheat the system as these students did. liz: affirmative action for the wealthy? >> that and the department of justice having a sense of humor calling his varsity blues. liz: is this affirmative action for the wealthy? >> we have a breakdown of the system that's supposed to have checks and balances.
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it's good that it came out. now the standardized test people and the people who accept athletes, they have to have systems in place so one person doesn't have that much control. liz: shocking bombshell of a story. we are going to stay on the story every step of the way. action at the courthouse. we'll bring you updates from what's going on. felicity huffman is pleading guilty to one count of wire fraud. what's going on with boeing, edward. reporter: the u.s. senate set to hold a hearing with boeing. senator ted cruz chairs the committee on aviation and space. he says it would be prudent for u.s. too ground the planes. other senators agree. i would think twice about
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getting on the plane, truthfully. i won't be dishonest here. the earlier data is similar to indonesia in terms of the unusual climb and the dive. reporter: in january the chinese airlines took delivery of 17% of all the 737 max 8s in january. we'll see if china cancels any future orders. this is not to play largely into the trade talks long term. but it allows the chinese competitor to try and make some global sales. but china has not released the crash or mechanical data on that plane. on a possible deal with china, robert lighthizer says we are in the final weeks of having an agreement with china or not. he testified in front of the
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u.s. finance committee that the u.s. will walk away until the deal meets our needs and enforcement is part of it. >> if we have an agreement, it's very, very detailed, very, very specific. we are working more or less continuously. our staffs are getting drafts back and forth. the process is ongoing. i'll be on the phone again with them tomorrow. we'll see. reporter: the administration backing off by saying something would be done by the end of march. light highser would not even say in ape will when it would be finalized. the white house says they are optimistic this can be finished. on breks it a committee was formed to have d on brexit the goal is to have a deal ready the
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day after the vote. liz: peter difazio is troubled by the crash of the boeing airliner. >> until they have more data, the faa is saying they are confident the plane has no concerns. liz: individual airlines have temporarily grounded the 737 max 8 in light of the crash. boeing announced the upgrade for the plane they say was in the works since the lion air crash in october. 346 people now dead in the last five months. michael, thank you so much for joining us. the faa is not grounding these
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planes. is it safe to fly on them. >> in the u.s. american, united, delta or southwest, absolutely safe. the big difference is the airlines involved. i mean, it's not just the airplanes, it's the airline, the training of the pie lose, the maintenance of the airplane. procedures. they all factor into this. when you look at the backgrounds of line eye and ethiopian, to compare that with and u.s. operator is outrageous. liz: it's about pilot confusion. we don't know about the status of the training in any country that uses these planes. there appears to be pilot confusion over the software. you can apparently overright, is that correct? >> outside of the i.s. this pilot confusion. eat oklahomaians from their own press releases said the first officer had only 200 hours of
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experience. that means you have a pilot trainee in that job. that would never happen here as the a passenger airline or car go airline. people like mitt romney and other people who want to comment on it are missing that. we need to look into that as well. liz: the faa is out with a statement. noise systemic issues with the plane? no systemic issues. no basis to order the ground. michael, your final words. >> it's accurate. we have to look at something other than this witch hunt to ground airplanes. politicians need to get out of this and let the faa do their job.
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liz: it looks like brexit chaos in the u.k. parliament voting down the brexit deal. what happens next? ashley, i know you have been here since "zero dark thirty" in the morning. what is going on now? reporter: it's chaos with a capital c. this was supposed to be the revamped theresa may plan that could get blue parliament it was rejected 391-242. that's a 149-vote defeat. parliament will vote tomorrow on whether to leave the e.u. without a deal.
6:22 pm
if that fails, with it is expected to do, it could be a vote to extend brexit. how long we don't know. just to extend it to buy more time. if an extension is called for, those lawmakers will have to make some tough choices. >> don't they want to hold a second referendum? don't they want to leave with a deal? these are unenviable choices. but thanks to the decision the house made this evening, they are choices that must now be faced. reporter: so far all we heard from the e.u. is that was your second chance, you don't get a third chance. she says dwhraig the brexit will
6:23 pm
not solve the underlying problem. but still have much in the air, liz. liz: she letter fix it before she entirely loses her voice. reporter: there is a lot of respect for her and all she has gone through but she hasn't finished yet. liz: fox news contributor nigel farage is on the phone. >> tomorrow's parliament subverts the will of the people. votes against us leaving with no deal. you either leave with one or without one. leaving without one would leave us free and independent. i do think that i thought they would apply for an extension of article 50. the problem is this. our parliament is a remain
6:24 pm
parliament. 77% of our mps remain. liz: the vote is coming up march 29. they are basically suborning the will of the people. do you think you can step out and trade with the e.u. like norway does? we trade with america, on world trade organization terms. there is no problem in us leaving cleanly, trading on wto terms and becoming an independent self-governing country not run by these horrible goody boys in brussels. i think there is a mounting, growing anger amongst the british public. we are being ignore bid our leaders and there will be consequences. liz: we know you are frustrated.
6:25 pm
special out exactly what you want to see accomplished? >> article 50, two years ago said we leave on march 29 at 11:00 p.m. we leave the european union with or without a deal. nearly 500mps voted for it. and they are about to overturn their promise to us. i want to us have a good clean brexit. i want us to be free and start a new relationship with countries like the united states of america. that's what i want. but what i think truly is that we'll probably finish up once again in may of this year having to fight european elections. i will tell you what, if they continue the way they are, and frustrate the will of the people, i will come back and fight them again. liz: thanks so much for joining
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us. deck's sporting goods will stop selling firearms at 175 of its 679 stores. it did remove assault-style weapons after the parkland school massacre last year. it will take $20 million to settle a lawsuit brought six years ago by uber drivers. uber is going to go public possibly this year. chipotle is giving away''. no purchase necessary. liz: wireless and blue tooth in-er. >> headphones should be
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censored a number of political ads that were placed on facebook by senator elizabeth warren. the presidential campaign of warren calling for the breakup of facebook. reporter: instagram co-founders are criticizing elizabeth warren's plan. they say she is trying to play the role of a time traveler and going back in time and roll back regulations that were green lit by regulators, including facebook's acquisition of instagram. >> it doesn't mean the as is to break the companies up. breaking the companies us is a specific prescription for a specific problem. if you want to fix economic issues, there are ways of doing that. break up a company doesn't fix
6:33 pm
those problems. reporter: using facebook to is these ideas. but facebook took them down and warren took to twitter to blast the program. let's start with their ability to shut down a debate over whether facebook has too much power. thanks for restoring my posts. but facebook defense their takedown of these ads. in the interest of allowing a robust debate, we are restoring the ads, even though they violate policies, they are live on our program. warn isn't the only one cracking down on tech companies. amy klobuchar tweeted she wants to tax companies for data.
6:34 pm
liz: facebook is accused of censoring a democrat senator. it is a bad look for the company given that mark zuckerberg and cheryl andberg have been on an apology tour or facebook for years. >> we didn't take enough responsibility it was my mistake and i'm sorry. >> we know at facebook we did not do enough to protect people's data. i'm sorry for that and mark is sorry for that. >> it's become clear we haven't done enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm. and i'm sorry for it. liz: adam, great to see you. you can see the problems with this. they say they are an open forum. but then they are cost censoring
6:35 pm
a democratic senator. what's your reaction to that story? >> this most of recent episode with elizabeth warren's ad explained why facebook isn't what it says it is. it says it's a social media platform and i don't know what that is. it's a publisher. publishers have to be responsible for the information they publish. but facebook plays by a different set of rules and one thing that can come out of this is those rules can be changed. >> there is a threat to lift their i immunity from lawsuits. so to me it's immune from those lawsuits. to your payments, they are a media company. whether this plays into elizabeth warren's wheel house is an interesting story. no one is forcing anyone to use facebook's free service. is it enough to break them up because they are censoring
6:36 pm
elizabeth warren? >> she and many others of various political stripes are trying to make the case they have too much feur. that's the debate. if this group concludes that facebook and some of the others have too much power, then that would be a rational just jus d justification for breaking them up or regulating. liz: next up on "the evening edit." it's a desperate situation on the ground in venezuela. citizens forced to scrounge for water. they are fighting for assistance to stay alive. we'll be back with that story. su to finish her senior year? of course she can!
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liz: desperation is growing in venezuela as the blackout is
6:41 pm
growing. electricity is coming on in some parts of country but the death toll has risen to 4. people had to drink water out of polluted water or sewage drains. this is happening in caracas. and widespread looting as erupted in several cities. nicolas maduro first tried to claim the u.s. and talked the power grid with a cyber attack. but there was pushback on that because convenience's electrical grid is analog, it's not connected to the internet. mike pompeo is saying the u.s. is withdrawing all u.s. diplomats and personnel from venezuela. is venezuela on the verge of
6:42 pm
civil war? >> yes. you have to be very mindful of the fact when you start to pull out your diplomats and close down your embassy, there are indicators this could go into a violent stage. but when you look at the lack of basic services, that has to be a concern because that affects our u.s. citizens who are there. you have the inability for them to have quality healthcare as well. liz: what happens next in venezuela? >> again, i think it depend on the leadership of the military. also the influence that the cuban agents have there. nicolas maduro will try to ride this out for as long as he possibly can. but that support from the military is critical for him to stay in position. i think it rank and file will start to turn around. liz: we are hearing from venezuelans here in the united
6:43 pm
states, also venezuelans in exile that they want to sit down with bernie sanders and ocasio-cortez basically quote straighten them out on their concepts on socialism. juan guaido is inviting democratic socialists to come to venezuela. here is what he told trish regan. >> if you want to talk about the economy, we are seeing 53% rates, inflation, lack of medicine and food. if we look at day-to-day suffering of the venezuelan people, it's not about numbers, it's about human beings. >> in texas we have the south by southwest talks going on. we had several democratic presidential candidates here and
6:44 pm
ocasio-cortez said capitalism is irredeemable. i would think that you are starving of your own people, killing your own people, denying them food, water and electricity, that's irredeemable. you don't hear any confirmation coming from the democrat socialist left here in the united states of america about what is happening in venezuela. liz: or denouncing the dictator. we have breaking news. covington catholic high school student nicholas sandmann suing cnn for $275 million over their coverage of the confrontation at the lincoln memorial. this in addition to the lawsuit his family filed against the post. we'll stay on that story for you as well.
6:45 pm
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so why didn't we do this earlier? life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. liz: welcome back to the latest controversy involving ilhan omar. in an interview that "politico" published last friday the
6:49 pm
freshman democrat cite the change of children at the mexican border and droning of people around the world in her criticism of obama. she also argued that obama was not much different than president trump. she said we can't be upset with president trump when others who came before him were just as bad. she said obama was quote a pretty face and he got away with murder. after that she tweeted that it's silly to compare obama and trump after she did so in "politico." >> that's silly to even think and equate the two. one is human and the other is not. let's bring in north dakota senator.
6:50 pm
>> clearly the comments are not appropriate. whether it's representative omar or anyone else, we have to make sure we are talking about issues and things that matter to the american people and not making attacks on individuals, their race, religion, anything that's anti-semitic, talking about individuals in any way that's derogatory. that's what this is about. this is about work on issues and talking about issues and trying to be uplifting in terms of solving problems for our country. >> would you say the same with president trump? >> again, i get that sometimes in terms of his tweets and so forth people want to criticize him. but i think he tries to work on the issues. for all of us we have to stay focused on the issues.
6:51 pm
liz: "washington post" columnist josh row began slamming tulsi gabbard. >> i think that the evidence needs to be gathered and as i have said before, if there is evidence he committed war crimes he should be prosecuted as such. >> but you are not sure now? >> everything i said requires we take action imaised on evidence. the evidence is there, there should be accountability. >> what do you think? >> bashar al-assad is a war criminal and we need to say so and crete i am as such. there is no question about it. liz: ocasio-cortez and bernie sanders will not denounce nicolas maduro of venezuela, now hawaii democrat congresswoman, that's on top of tulsi gabbard
6:52 pm
calling bashar al-assad a war criminal. there seems to be something going on here with the reluctance to say with it is. >> we need to continue to do everything we, our allies to put all the pressure we can to move him out. look what's going on in venezuela. how the people are suffering. so we need to do anything else we can to help guaido and move maduro out for the good of venezuela and the people suffering there. liz: thank you so much. we appreciate you coming in. stay right there.
6:53 pm
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sandmann. liz: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez has been accused of putting pressure on moderate democrats in their party, threatened withing to put their name on a list, and they will face primary challenges if they
6:57 pm
don't toe her policy line, she is now denying that. this is sena the leader hoyer saying to the congress members. we have 62 new democrat members, not three. we have a growing number of house democrats frustrated with cortez, including new jersey congressman josh, he said, listen, the moderates won the democrats of the house, not the radical left, we appeal to the middle ground, not the far left. we bring in republican strategist ford o'connell. >> aoc is putting moderate democrat in to a tough spot because she is driving the conversation, whether socialist policies, abolish i.c.e. or prime minister -- impeachment. she is playing into donald trump's hands, remember if donald trump wins the election,
6:58 pm
the chances are that democrats will lose the house. liz: a good point. i think hoyer may be picking up on that, your reacted -- your reaction after he said the following. means talib, and omar and alexandria ocasio-cortez, he said, there are 62 democrat freshman in the house, your take on hoyer? >> i think, i hate to say this, he is a student of history, understands if you impeach donald trump based on congestionture, you will -- conquer you will be mastering m- martyrs him here to reelection. liz: here is the democrats plan,
6:59 pm
we have house speaker nancy pelosi saying we're not push for impeachment. is this what they are going to do? she has fiery democrats running key committees in the house, are they going to slow walk probes, and investigations to try to get president trump not reelected. tis that the idea? >> that is right. they want to harass donald trump to losing 2020 reelection. for them, it is impeachment without all of backlash, they get benefit of harassing trump, knocking his numbers down, hopefully taking advantage of that with a democratic presidential nominee that is their game plan. liz: about grabbing the headline. >> correct. liz: right? >> right. remember here is what happens with impeachment, you can't remove them in senate without 67 senators. liz: ford o'connel, thank you for breaking it down again. thank you for having us in your
7:00 pm
home, lou dobbs i is next here s the fox business network, have a good evening. ♪ lou: good evening. >> i am david asman in for lou dobbs. the red storm is no longer rising, it has arrived, china caught launching extensive hacking attacks again u.s. navy and its contractors, what what can be described as an act of war. the plot to steal national security rhett, leaving -- secret leaving little doubt china can no longer be negotiated or reasoned with on defense or trade. we take


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